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Learn more, An EVOH-BON laminate with patented inner plies for bulk bag-in-box aseptic products, featuring superior flexibility, improved thermal resistance and excellent oxygen transmission rate performance. Metalizers, Coaters and Laminators look to Finzer Roller for Rubber and Polyurethane roller solutions to keep their equipment running at optimum speeds. ), and stand up pouches. Our extensive knowledge of polymers and resins, combined with a strong R&D culture, help Liquibox deliver flexible packaging film systems that are configured for your applications. Located in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, ABX is a leading flexible packaging manufacturer of high barrier forming web films primarily for the North American protein, cheese, and specialty food end markets. Protect and secure loads with stretch wrap, pallet wrap, and stretch film. Corrugated document.write(d.getFullYear()) Learn more, An innovative and more sustainable coextruded bag-in-box dairy film that features reduced film gauge and increased durability performance. With bold, vibrant colours that demand attention and a print quality that pop s on-shelf. Vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS) A type of packaging line most commonly used for granular or loose products, in which overhead scales drop product into a package as it is formed and subsequently sealed. Non-aseptic. Let Victory Packaging be your one stop for all of your packaging needs. Flair Flexible's Enhanced PLATINUM+ Thermoforming Films Boost Efficiency and Cost Savings Flair Flexible Introduces Real Touch, Tactile Packaging Innovation at Expo West Flair Adds New Versatile Film Offering to LiDynamics Lidding Film Program Our high-quality films and photo-quality digital printing technology ensure that your custom rollstock gives your brand a premium look and feel, with best-in-class performance. Discover how our solutions helped our customers. Put your best picture on this roll stock with rotogravure or flexo printing in up to 10 colors. Keeps products safe and flavorful for at least six months without refrigeration or preservatives. Various types of packaging materials are used to formulate the laminate structure including … Shrink bags offer shrink-to-fit coverage that gives clarity and protection to a range of product sizes and dimensions. We have a wide variety of common polybag sizes in stock and ready for immediate delivery to you. Flexible packaging films including stretch wrap, pallet wrap, and stretch film are all designed to provide stability around loads during movement. Extends the refrigerated shelf life significantly. At Wrap-It Direct you deal directly with the people responsible for the engineering, quality, production & delivery of your flexible packaging products. Partners, leaders, experts and suppliers i n flexible packaging. Producing our own poly films allows us to extend greater benefits to our customers by way of quality control, lower costs and optimal packaging speeds. Banding film is a popular option when preparing items for shipment, banding products on a pallet for internal transfer, and as a replacement for adhesive tape. Learn more, Nylon: ideal for applications requiring superior toughness, Nylon/EVOH: the added EVOH provides additional oxygen protection over our standard nylon offering, Metallized-Polyester: optimal light, moisture and oxygen barrier, Poly Film (PE): delivers superior toughness, durability and flex crack resistance. This film offers a high degree of transparency and clarity, making it easy to see product features. Pioneering protection for your valuable liquid products, Keep iced beverages fresh and free from contaminants, Fillers you can rely on for efficient and safe product packaging, Optimized film structures to preserve your product from filling to dispensing, Protect your liquids with cost-effective pouch packaging solutions, More sustainable and hygienic packaging for bulk delivery of your liquids, Convenient dispensing with our recyclable rigid bottle, Expertly designed Maverick bag making machines, The global leader in creative dispensing solutions for more than 50 years, Responsible packaging solutions developed with the planet in mind. Whether you are in the business of food, beverages or other fluids, our best-in-class solutions can preserve and protect your product wherever it goes. Packaging Supplies See all our sites and their contact information. Flexible packaging films including stretch wrap, pallet wrap, and stretch film are all designed to provide stability around loads during movement. The multi-layer film consists of three basic components: BillerudKorsnäs‘ paper ConFlex Silk, a sealing layer made of BASF’s certified home compostable and partly bio-based biopolymer ecovio and BASF’s water-based adhesive Epotal. Polyethylene Bags. Contact us to discuss your packaging challenges and needs. Misc. Etobicoke, ON M9W 5T6, Canada. If you’re looking for cost-effective flexible packaging solutions, Nosco’s digital printing capabilities have you covered. Established in 1967 and headquartered in Indiana, U.S.; manufacturers … We carry a wide selection of stretch films for different applications and industry sectors. Check our next exhibitions list to visit us. Our Flexible Food Packaging Solutions. Operating Supplies Labels Our proactive approach to innovation means we never stop thinking about how to do things better. For 50 years in the flexible packaging industry, Glenroy has specialized in high-quality, customized flexible packaging solutions — including rollstock (for stick packs, sachets, lidding film, packets, etc. Polybags are typically used for packaging and shipping within a range of domains, including industrial packaging. Most flexible packaging films are heat sealed, but not all sealant layers are compatible. Flexible Packaging Film mainly uses for food or non-food automatic packing line use, flexible packaging films, also called lamination film or roll stock. And, the final composition is always according to the requirement of brand owners and the nature of their products. This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. In fact, polyolefin shrink films are a popular high-quality material that is … To meet the increasing need for recyclable products, we now offer bag systems that are compatible with PE recycling streams yet offer performance comparable to traditional nylon designs. We are a global company operating in five continents, driven to deliver liquid packaging solutions designed for today’s world—and tomorrow’s. [CDATA[// > Choose from an array of seal-and-peel films for many applications including membranes and flexible forming webs. Applicable for a range of industries, SupplyOne bag sealers are available in different sizes and in both manual and foot operated styles. Flexible packaging is a solution that businesses turn to for a variety of reasons. Lighter weight flexible packaging includes films and laminates, which allow for the transport of higher volumes of product and less materials needed for production. Industry Experts/Resources – Our knowledge of the raw material markets & trends gives our customers an advantage when planning projects and ordering. SupplyOne is your source for stretch wrap and shrink wrap packaging equipment. Flexible packaging is made of multiple layers of different kinds of films. Our extensive knowledge of polymers and resins, combined with a strong R&D culture, help Liquibox deliver flexible packaging film systems that are configured for your applications. It describes whether applied colours are in their exact correct position relative to one another. Improving your performance is our priority. ... Our capabilities include printed roll fed film, pre-applied zippers, preformed pouches and laminated structures. SupplyOne carries a variety of stretch films for different industry sectors and applications including standard, extended core and black security wrap. Contact us to learn how banding film can be used to add value to your products and shipments. Berry Plastics Group, Inc. Our commitment to sustainability grows every day. Banding film is a great choice when you need both cling and puncture resistance. Flexible Packaging Helping our customers navigate the supply chain, from material selection to package optimization Sonoco develops and manufactures flexible packaging for a variety of applications supporting leading brands, contract packagers, QSRs, retailers and more. Shipping Supplies. Ludwigshafen, Germany/Solna, Sweden, December 3, 2020: BASF and the Swedish packaging manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs have cooperated to develop a unique home-compostable paper laminate for flexible packaging. The portfolio features both filmfaced and paper-faced pouch materials in single and multi-ply lamination combinations. All rights reserved. * I understand that this information will be used to address my inquiry and to receive updates from Liquibox. This highly elastic plastic stretch film also offers protection from both the elements and tampering risk. © Copyright Reflective Insulation. Plastic Thermoformed Products Contact us to learn about our range of stretch films and how we can help keep your loads protected and secure. Additionally, we carry specialized shrink wrap equipment, making it easy for you to wrap, protect, and secure your products. Whether it concerns Load Security Film, Food Packaging Film or Innovative Film, we always strive for the most optimal and socially responsible solution. Most flexible packaging films are made with 2 layers material, some with 3 layers, and usually not very thick that will … Address: 279 Humberline Drive. Repeat The distance between two consecutive eye-marks. Layfield Flexible Films delivers the ultimate packaging solution through our strict quality-controlled core activities including; film extrusion, graphics and pre-press, printing, laminating, and bag-making. Non-aseptic. Film/Flexible Packaging author 2020-08-03T20:02:12+00:00 Finzer Roller has been providing manufacturers of film and flexible packaging products with high-quality precision rollers since 1968. Learn more about our advanced packaging film production capabilities. However, as these mature markets begin to focus on the volume of packaging in use, flexible packaging demand growth in Asia has accelerated in response to growth in food processing and packaged food consumption. Our packaging film structures provide specific benefits such as superior barriers to oxygen, light, grease and moisture as well as excellent flex crack, puncture and tear resistance. This sheeting can also be used for asbestos abatement to enclose and seal areas when removing asbestos. But, do not assume that side A will seal to side B. Perfect for both dry food packaging and liquid applications, our flexible packaging films and laminates create a layer of insulation that protects products when packaged. Rollstock Films Covertech Flexible Packaging offers an impressive array of customized materials, printing options and web sizes. Flexible Packaging + Packaging Film The Rapid-Roll ® FlexPak™ Portfolio provides packaging solutions for on-the-go convenience and single-use portions. You’ll get the best of both worlds: The capabilities of a large flexible packaging supplier, combined with the agility and dedicated service typical of a small converter. Our digital presses, in conjunction with traditional printing methods, offer a complete range of printing options for pouches , sachets , stick packs , film lidding and roll products . The heat in the product helps reduce micro-organisms and extend shelf life. Leading CPG’s, contract packagers, and mid-size manufacturers trust Glenroy’s flexible packaging films (also referred to as flexible packaging laminations or flexible packaging rollstock) because our flexible packaging performs consistently & reliably, arrives on time, and is accompanied by the top customer service and technical support in the industry. Converted Packaging Our films and laminated structures are designed to meet your most challenging requirements for stiffness, puncture resistance, moisture barrier, oxygen barrier, temperature stability, sustainability initiatives, and other criteria. Founded in 1969 by Lloyd Carlile and Donald Prather, the company’s capabilities include film extrusion, printing, and bag operations. Stretch film is a highly elastic plastic film that is wrapped around loads to provide stability during shipping, transport, and other movement. Common applications for polyethylene sheeting include use on job sites, as a vapor barrier, as equipment and boat covers, as insulation or a moisture barrier, paint protection, and more. We produce high-quality printed flexible pa ckaging – that works. ePac’s digitally printed rollstock is made with premium-grade films and ready to ship within 15 business days. Delivering the optimal package for your products and applications is our highest priority. BASF and BillerudKorsnäs have cooperated to develop a unique home-compostable paper laminate for flexible packaging. Moreover, this procedure of combining films is known as lamination. Rely on stretch film to keep your products bound together tightly and to provide a level of protection from tampering and environmental factors. Our packaging for non-food products provides a range of solutions from safe packaging for industrial fluids to more sustainable alternatives for home and personal care products. Flexible packaging may be constructed using any combination of the following materials: paper, plastic film, foil; and typically take the shape of a bag, film, lidding, liner, overwrap, pouch, rollstock, sleeve, or wrap. Aseptic bulk bags enable non-refrigerated shipment and storage of food and beverages until it is repackaged for final consumption. We do this by working every day on product innovation, technological innovation and co-creation.

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