What do I wear?
Even though we are online, still dress like you are coming to class. Wear something comfortable that will not restrict your movements such as Yoga pants, dance pants, or leggings, T-shirts or tank tops. Hip scarves are optional, but if you may wear one if you want.

How much room do I need to dance?
Make sure you have enough room to move. Outstretch your arms and turn in a circle. Lift your arms over your head. If you don’t hit anything, you are good to go.

Do I need previous dance experience?
Belly Dance Level I is designed for students with no dance experience or no familiarity with Belly Dance. 

How do I register for online classes?
Register at least two hours before class start time. 

You will be emailed a link to access the class. Please note, linking to the class with Zoom will also require a password. This is included in the emailed link.

Why do I have to register two hours before?
It gives me a good notice if I will be holding class or not. If no one has registered, then I know I don’t need to prep my space for the class. It takes me a little while to get everything set up before each class.

What happens if I registered and can not make it to class?
At the bottom of your email with your registration, there is a cancel link. Click that and it will cancel your registration.  You can also send me an email to let me know.

Why do I have to cancel my registration if I am not able to come to class?
It is common courtesy to let me know. I teach classes in my kitchen and use my spouse’s computer. I do spend a little bit of time before each class to move everything around and to set up the computer properly. If I think everyone is coming, and then no one comes, it makes me a little sad. But, if I know ahead of time, then I can reset and plan the rest of my evening accordingly. 

Will you cancel online classes if there are not enough participants?
If no one has registered two hours before class, class will automatically be canceled. If there is one registrant, class will go on.  So make sure you register in time.

How will I know if a class is cancelled?
Due to unforeseen circumstances, classes could be cancelled. Class cancellation will be posted on Facebook. If you have already registered, I will send you an email. 

Do I have to have my video on during class?
No, if you feel uncomfortable with the video, or if you think weird stuff will happen in the background (we have all heard stories), you may turn it off. The video is handy as a mirror for yourself, but you can use me as your mirror.

How do I join to enter a class with Zoom?
As soon as you register, you will receive an email with the Zoom information. On class day,  click on the meeting link to join the class and input the password. The password is included in your registration email.

When you enter class, you will automatically be set to mute. You will be able to unmute yourself after you enter (unless class has already started). During class, participants will be muted. I will check-in periodically for questions and will unmute. You may also send questions through chat.

Why are you offering online classes as donation based?
We are living in unpredictable times right now. People are experiencing different types of hardships that they have never had to deal with before. Depending on the situation, the way we live has been changing daily/weekly/monthly. For me personally, I’ve been experiencing heightened anxiety and dancing helps calm that down. So, that is why I am teaching by donation right now. If dancing helps you out, or you just miss dancing that is my gift to the community. I don’t want money to be a hinderance.

Will you offer classes on other days or times?
I will if there is an interest. If you have a group of friends that want to come together for a weekly class, it might be a possibility. Send me your questions and requests through my contact page.

Am I too young or old to take a class?
No, not at all. This is a wonderful dance form that can be enjoyed by all ages. The instructor has taught young ladies from 6 years – 80 years old. If you have a young child that is interested in classes, the child must have an attention span to last through a one hour class without disrupting the class or other students.

How long will it take me to learn how to belly dance?
We all learn differently and at different speeds. There is a misconception that Belly Dance is easy. Please do not get discouraged if you feel like you are not picking up the movement as fast as others in the class. Remember that it takes patience and practice to learn something new. When starting out remember that any beginning belly dance class is just an introduction to this art form. It takes years of study to become a master at belly dance and even after you mastered it, there is always more to learn.


  • If you can not hear the instructor, do not be shy, please let the instructor know.
  • Do not get discouraged by correction. The instructor wants you to learn the movement and will assist you with any problems you are having.
  • You know your body the best. If you get tired, please stop and rest.
  • If you have questions during class, please ask the instructor, do not ask another student. You may not be the only one with that question and others could benefit from the answer.
  • Turn off cell phone
  • Do not chew gum
  • Do not wear heavy perfumes
  • Try to arrive on time to class or a few minutes early to avoid disruption to the class.